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Streamlined Equipment and Regulatory Training

In the Oil & Gas sector, which operates under stringent safety standards and continually evolving technology, ensuring staff are adept with new equipment and corresponding regulations is paramount.

Streamlined Equipment and Regulatory Training

The Challenge

The introduction of new machinery in the Oil & Gas industry isn't merely about acquainting staff with operational nuances. It carries with it the dual responsibility of ensuring staff understand and adhere to updated safety standards while also being compliant with fresh regulations. Achieving this across a global workforce, often spread across diverse geographies and time zones, presents logistical challenges. The traditional training modules, often reliant on in-person sessions, prove not only expensive but also inefficient in rapidly disseminating the necessary information uniformly across the organization.


The Solution

Addressing the unique challenges of the Oil & Gas sector, CCTS crafted an all-encompassing training solution. The program meticulously covers every facet of the new machinery - its operation, maintenance protocols, safety measures, and the associated regulatory framework. The potency of this training initiative is underscored by its broad reach: over 10,000 staff members from various global outposts are trained annually. By delivering this holistic and flexible training solution, CCTS ensures that the Oil & Gas industry's workforce remains at the forefront of both technological expertise and regulatory compliance, thereby upholding the industry's stringent operational and safety standards.

Prompt and good feedback on the product being developed with suggestions for changes as required, excellent follow-up and good communication in preparing / completion of the project.

Mr. Rajmohan Venkiteswaran

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