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Interview System

Core Competency's Interview System enhances employee potential via cutting-edge evaluation, including physiological profiling and online assessments. Standardized screening, attitude/personality profiling foster cohesive teams.

Interview System


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Interview System Overview

The Core Competency Interview System is a sophisticated tool designed for optimal staff evaluation and unlocking employee potential. It starts with a pre-joining online assessment software, enabling organizations to conduct efficient online and offline screening tests, streamlining the initial selection process.

This system's unique feature is its advanced physiological profiling, which provides deeper insights into candidates' abilities and potential, often overlooked by traditional methods. These insights are crucial for identifying the specific skill sets necessary for different roles, ensuring a perfect job-person match.

The system upholds standardized screening standards, ensuring fairness and consistency across evaluations. This uniform approach guarantees unbiased, data-driven hiring decisions, establishing an equitable environment for all candidates.

Incorporating attitude and personality profiling, the system effectively selects individuals who align with the company's culture and values, essential for building cohesive teams with a shared vision.

The Core Competency Interview System revolutionizes staff evaluation in the dynamic corporate landscape. By merging advanced technology, physiological insights, and standardized assessments, it empowers businesses to tap into their workforce's full potential. This tool not only enhances adaptability and employee growth but also positions organizations for remarkable success, making it an invaluable asset in today’s competitive business world.

Our Interview System empowers you-

Comprehensive Evaluation
Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Standardized interviews
  • Scenario & case study based assessments
  • Behavior-based competency selections
Online Assessment Software
Efficient Online Assessment Software
  • 16 Different Types of Questions
  • Multimedia-based questions (Audio, Image, Video)
  • Competency-based and standardized questions
Time And Resources Saving
Time and Resource Savings
  • Saves time, resources, and cost on selections
  • No registration required for self-tests
  • Automatic notifications to HR on completion
Post Joining Lms
Post Joining Learning Management
  • Virtual Classroom Application for Virtual ILTs
  • Learning Management System for long-term learning plans
  • Competency Management System to track and train against competencies
Analyzed Training Approach
Analyzed Training Approach
  • Skill gap analysis for personalized training plans
  • Cost benefits of conducting required trainings
  • Complete package for HR departments to plan and assess training and competencies.
Interview System Features

The Core Competency Interview System sets a high standard in assessing and uncovering the true potential of employees. It's a comprehensive system that includes pre-joining procedures, sophisticated online assessment tools, psychological profiling, and meticulous post-assessment evaluations.

At the heart of our system is a robust pre-joining process that combines both online and offline screening tests. These assessments are designed to precisely identify candidates with the specific skill sets required for various roles. A key feature of our approach is the emphasis on standardized screening criteria, ensuring a fair and consistent review process that promotes an equal opportunity environment for all applicants.

The cornerstone of our strategy is psychological profiling. This innovative aspect focuses on aligning individuals' attitudes and personalities with the organization's culture and values. This alignment is crucial in fostering a positive work environment and forming cohesive teams united by shared objectives.

In the post-assessment phase, our system tracks employee progress, identifies areas for improvement, and offers tailored training programs. The Core Competency Interview System, by harnessing data-driven insights, equips businesses to fully realize their workforce's potential, propelling them towards unparalleled success.


Scorm Based
Standardized Interviews

Ensure uniformity in interview processes across all levels.

Collaborative Tools
Scenario-Based Assessments

Dive deep into candidates' problem-solving abilities and situational awareness.

User Management
Knowledge-Based Selection

Evaluate the knowledge depth of potential candidates for better alignment with job roles.

Assets Repository
Behavioral Competency Evaluation

Understand candidates' behavioral tendencies and how they align with the organization's values.

Process Management
Documented Interviews

Every interview is recorded for future reference, ensuring transparency.

Record Analysis
Comprehensive Analysis

Detailed comparison metrics to evaluate and rank candidates efficiently.

Course Assigning
Resource Efficient

The solution minimizes the time, cost, and resources required in the hiring process.

Course Suggestions
Consistency Across Organization

Establishes a unified interview standard for large organizations.

Discussion Forum
Diverse Question Types

Diverse question types including multimedia and scenario-based for thorough evaluation.

Learning Plan
Browser-Based Authoring

Easily create and modify interview questions and tests directly in the browser.

Learning Assessment
Direct Self-Testing

No registration hurdles; candidates can self-test directly on the website.

Easy Integration
Integrated HR Solutions

Integrated suite with virtual classrooms, learning management, and competency tools for smooth onboarding.


Browser Based
Browser Based

Access the products from any web browser, without the need for any software installations or downloads.

Window Based
Window Based

Optimized for Windows OS, offering a seamless user experience and integration with native Windows functionalities.

Lan Based
LAN Based

Designed for Local Area Network deployments, ensuring fast and secure access within your organization's premises.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

Built for cross-browser support, ensuring consistent user experience whether you're on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or others.

Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Technology

Leverages the power and versatility of Microsoft technologies, offering robustness, security, and scalability to the LMS.

Sql Backend
SQL Backend

Employs SQL databases for data storage and management, ensuring rapid data retrieval, robust analytics, and reliability.

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