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Our Virtual Classroom offers 24/7 face-to-face instruction with user-friendly tools and collaboration features. Affordable Virtual Training leverages cutting-edge tech for seamless web communication. Enhanced learning via presentations, whiteboards, VOIP conferencing ensures high client satisfaction.

Virtual Classroom


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VCR Overview

Our Virtual Classroom service is an accessible online platform designed to support student learning, available to all teachers via the Internet. This face-to-face learning service operates 24/7, making it a bustling hub for education. By incorporating the latest technologies, we offer cost-efficient Virtual Training services that enhance communication in a web-based environment.

The user-friendly Virtual Classroom Technology (VCT) features a straightforward interface with point-and-click tools, ensuring ease of navigation and seamless collaboration, even for non-technical users. Noteworthy features include collaboration tools, alerts, and notifications, as well as an auto bandwidth management system that optimizes internet connectivity.

Our Virtual Classroom also boasts distinctive competencies, such as record and playback functionality and robust reporting capabilities. These innovative programs are delivered through a unique combination of skilled personnel, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge tools, resulting in high customer satisfaction levels.

Key features of our Virtual Classroom service include VOIP audio conferencing for both one-to-one and one-to-many interactions, web conferencing to bring participants together in a virtual space, and a chat tool for one-to-one and group discussions, fostering efficient communication.

The platform supports dynamic content delivery through PowerPoint, PDF, and video presentation broadcasting. Additionally, it offers synchronous whiteboards for real-time brainstorming and collaboration, along with many-to-many high-quality video conferencing, even in low-bandwidth situations.

Our Virtual Classroom Empowers-

Cost Effectiveness
  • Reduced Communication Costs
  • Infrastructure Savings
  • Eliminating Travel Time
Enhance Classroom
Enhanced Classroom Interaction
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Collaboration Tools
Flexible Learning And Accessibility
Flexible Learning and Accessibility
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Time and Location Flexibility.
  • Inclusive Environment
Fostering Subject-Matter Expertise
  • Peer Collaboration
  • Expert Guest Speakers
  • Virtual Study Groups
Knowledge Base
Access to Extensive Knowledge Base
  • Digital Learning Resources
  • Integration of E-Learning Platforms
  • Constantly Updated Content
VCR Features

Core Competency stands out for its exceptional remote team briefing tool, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to offer highly efficient and cost-effective virtual training services. This comprehensive platform ensures seamless communication in web-based environments, making online meetings and training sessions highly effective without any additional expenses. The Virtual Classroom application, powered by robust Adobe media technology, enables collaborative meetings even with limited bandwidth, eliminating the need for costly connections. Core Competency's commitment to delivering a dynamic learning experience through user-friendly interfaces empowers learners to actively engage in virtual classes.

The platform's versatile framework allows for seamless design, scheduling, and management of virtual courses, enabling businesses to optimize team briefing and training initiatives effectively. By fostering growth and collaboration within organizations, Core Competency provides a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and knowledge sharing. With its focus on innovation and usability, Core Competency continues to lead the way in revolutionizing remote team communication and training solutions.


Scorm Based
Web Conference Capability

Conduct effective online meetings seamlessly.

Collaborative Tools
Versatile Chat Tool

Provides both private and group chat functionalities.

User Management
Diverse Media Presentation

Broadcast PowerPoint, PDF, and video presentations effortlessly.

Assets Repository
Synchronous Whiteboards

Real-time interactive whiteboards for enhanced collaboration.

Process Management
High-Quality Video Conferencing

Ensures clear video communication, even on limited bandwidths.

Record Analysis
Application and Desktop Sharing

Share your screen applications and desktop view with participants.

Course Assigning
Auto Bandwidth Management

Optimizes conferencing quality by automatically adjusting to available bandwidth.

Course Suggestions
Record and Playback

Save sessions for future reference or for those who missed the live event.

Discussion Forum
Detailed Reporting

Get insights on participation, interaction, and other metrics post-conference.

Learning Plan
Knowledge Repository Access

Provides users a comprehensive database for information and learning.

Learning Assessment
Cost-Efficient Virtual Training

Utilizing the latest technologies for effective and affordable training sessions.


Browser Based
Browser Based

Access the products from any web browser, without the need for any software installations or downloads.

Window Based
Window Based

Optimized for Windows OS, offering a seamless user experience and integration with native Windows functionalities.

Lan Based
LAN Based

Designed for Local Area Network deployments, ensuring fast and secure access within your organization's premises.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

Built for cross-browser support, ensuring consistent user experience whether you're on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or others.

Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Technology

Leverages the power and versatility of Microsoft technologies, offering robustness, security, and scalability to the LMS.

Sql Backend
SQL Backend

Employs SQL databases for data storage and management, ensuring rapid data retrieval, robust analytics, and reliability.

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