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Core Competency excels in precise custom software solutions. Our adept team specializes in bespoke applications when off-the-shelf options fall short. We create web, Windows, ERP, and E-commerce solutions, including social platforms.

Custom Applications


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Custom Application Overview

At Core Competency, we pride ourselves on efficiently delivering custom-built software solutions that meet your specific requirements. When off-the-shelf options fall short, our competent team of software development professionals excels in creating tailor-made solutions.

Specializing in web and windows enterprise applications, ERPs, and Microsoft technologies, we offer a wide range of custom programming skills using the latest and most effective development technologies. Our services include web application development, window-based application development, custom ERP solutions, social networking platforms, and E-commerce portals.

Additionally, we provide expertise in learning, competency management, and HR processes, ensuring seamless talent development within your organization. By integrating third-party applications for enterprise solutions and designing macro and micro sites, we further enhance your business capabilities.

With our experience and competence, we guarantee excellent products and services that precisely suit your business needs. At Core Competency, we are dedicated to delivering on our promise of certainty, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our bespoke software solutions.

Let Custom Application Empowers You To-

Comprehensive Services
Comprehensive Services
  • Modular Approach
  • Change-the-Business Solutions
  • Run-the-Business Services
  • Cross-Functional IT Services
Development Expertise
Development Expertise
  • Adept Team
  • Vast Experience
  • Industrialized Global Delivery (IGD)
Quality Assessment
Quality Assessments
  • ASSESS-SMART Services
  • Automated Tools
  • Cost Optimization
Robust Framework
Robust and Transparent Framework
  • MASCOT Framework
  • Predictable Cost
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
  • Research and Development
  • Domain Expertise
  • Focus on Innovation
Custom Application Features

Core Competency stands as a reliable and proficient partner, dedicated to fulfilling your unique software needs with utmost efficiency and certainty. Our expertise in web and windows enterprise applications, ERPs, and Microsoft technologies ensures that we deliver top-notch custom solutions tailored to your specifications. Whether it's web application development, social networking platforms, or learning and HR processes, our competent team of professionals excels in providing excellent products and services. With a wide range of custom programming skills and cutting-edge development technologies at our disposal, we are committed to delivering unparalleled, tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your business requirements.

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