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Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Technology

Built on a solid foundation. We harness the power and reliability of Microsoft's cutting-edge technologies, offering solutions that are both robust and user-friendly.

Available as SaaS

Convenience meets innovation. Access our top-tier solutions anytime, anywhere with our Software as a Service model, reducing the need for in-house infrastructure.

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Experience unparalleled assistance. Our dedicated support team is at the helm, ensuring smooth operations and prompt resolutions, setting new standards for client satisfaction.

Learning Management System

Core Competency's LMS is easily tailored to your organization's needs, built by a team proficient in the latest tech platforms. It offers online training delivery, tracking, and collaboration, prioritizing client needs. Our SCORM-compliant system provides comprehensive training tracking, online course delivery, and fosters group discussions, enhancing professional skill course delivery online."

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Online Proctoring

Core Competency offers a versatile Examination System Software for online and offline assessments, catering to varied organizational needs. The platform supports customizable tests with a wide range of question types and mobile compatibility. It ensures security through webcam tracking and provides in-depth performance analytics. The system's online proctoring features ensure efficient and precise assessment processes

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Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom service provides an accessible online learning platform available 24/7, utilizing the latest technologies for cost-efficient virtual training. The user-friendly interface includes collaboration tools, bandwidth optimization, and features like record/playback and robust reporting. Its distinct capabilities encompass VOIP audio conferencing, web conferencing, chat tools, and dynamic content delivery.

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Psychological Profiling

Core Competency offers the P Test and C Test, accurately profiling trainees' attitudes and managers' leadership qualities, respectively. Developed by expert psychologists, these tests boast a 98% accuracy rate in identifying personality traits. Their results are easily interpreted by HR, eliminating the need for expert consultations. This scientific approach aids businesses in making informed workforce decisions.

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Interview System

The Core Competency Interview System streamlines staff evaluation, combining online assessments with deep physiological profiling to uncover candidate potential. Emphasizing standardized and unbiased screening, it also integrates attitude and personality assessments for cultural alignment. This advanced tool revolutionizes staff assessment, ensuring optimal job-person fit and fostering adaptability and growth in the workforce.

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Competency Management System

Our Competency Management System integrates learning tools, offering robust analytics for informed HR decisions. It streamlines selection processes like Competency Assessment and Personality Profiling. The system manages competency enhancement and syncs task-based management between ship and shore through email. With our CMS, organizations can refine training, leverage data insights, and bolster their talent for optimal success.

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Audience Response System

Core Competency leads in audience response voting technology, enhancing engagement with its Audience Response System (ARS). The ARS showcases real-time voting results, stimulating discussions and gauging participant comprehension. Its popular feature, Quick Question - Short Answer, captures immediate audience feedback, promoting group discussions. Additionally, polls can be set up for inclusivity.

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Institute Management System

Our Institute Management System (IMS) revolutionizes educational operations, tailored to fit institutional needs and crafted by experts. It unifies educators, students, and staff, providing real-time online access. The system integrates functions from enrollment to grade management, negating multiple software needs. IMS is a complete solution for modernizing educational management.

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Very nice experience working with Core competency over the last five years. Understanding of the clients requirements is very good.

Mr. Krishan Kumar

The team performed remarkably well during pandemic times and assisted in the enhancing the platform for conducting the online tests remotely proctored under controlled conditions. We are satisfied by the quality of the services offered. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. Vinayak Mohla
Anglo Eastern

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