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At Core Competency, we are committed to delivering high-quality video production services that cater to your specific needs and objectives. Our team of experts combines creativity with technical prowess to produce videos that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Video Productions

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At Core Competency, we specialize in crafting engaging and dynamic video content tailored to meet
a wide range of needs. Our comprehensive suite of video production services ensures that no
matter your project's scale or scope, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Customized Interactive Videos
Customized Interactive Videos

By incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes and scenario-based choices, we tailor videos to actively engage viewers, enhancing their learning and retention.

Educational Hseq Content
Educational HSEQ Content

We produce Safety and HSEQ videos using real-life simulations to ensure that staff are not only informed but can apply safety standards effectively, promoting a culture of compliance and well-being.

Strategic Corporate Branding
Strategic Corporate Branding

Our Corporate Branding Videos are crafted to convey your company's ethos and milestones, fostering a strong brand identity that resonates with clients and partners alike.

Clarified Process Explainers
Clarified Process Explainers

Through animated and visually-driven Process Videos, we break down complex workflows, enabling employees to understand and execute tasks with greater competence and efficiency.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos offer viewers a unique, engaging experience by allowing them to interact directly with the content. This innovative approach to video production can significantly enhance learning outcomes, boost viewer engagement, and provide personalized content paths. Ideal for educational content, marketing campaigns, and interactive storytelling, our interactive videos stand out in capturing audience attention and delivering memorable experiences.

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Safety and HSEQ Videos

Safety and Health, Environment, Safety, and Quality (HSEQ) videos are essential tools for organizations aiming to train their staff in safety practices effectively. These videos help in disseminating crucial information in a format that's both accessible and memorable. By using compelling visuals and narratives, we ensure that these critical messages resonate with your team, promoting a safer and more compliant workplace.

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Social Media Videos

In the fast-paced world of social media, videos are a powerful tool to grab attention, engage audiences, and convey your message succinctly. Our social media video production service focuses on creating short, impactful videos designed to perform well on various platforms. Whether for promotional campaigns, brand storytelling, or viral content, our videos are crafted to stand out in crowded social feeds.

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Video Streaming

Our video streaming service ensures your content reaches your audience seamlessly, regardless of their location. Perfect for live events, webinars, and online courses, this service includes everything from pre-production planning to live stream management. We ensure a high-quality streaming experience that engages your viewers and delivers your content in real-time, with impeccable clarity.

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Corporate Branding Videos

Corporate branding videos are a cornerstone of effective communication strategies, helping to convey your brand's values, mission, and unique selling propositions. Our team works closely with you to create compelling videos that tell your brand's story, engage your target audience, and foster a stronger brand connection. These videos serve as powerful tools for building brand awareness and loyalty.

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Induction Videos

Induction videos are designed to welcome new employees, providing them with an engaging and informative introduction to your company, culture, and procedures. Our induction videos are tailored to make the onboarding process smoother and more efficient, ensuring new team members feel welcomed and well-informed from day one.

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Process Videos

Process videos offer a clear and concise way to demonstrate your company's processes, whether they be manufacturing, software usage, or service provision. These videos are invaluable for training purposes, quality assurance, and showcasing your operational excellence. By visually breaking down complex processes, we help your audience understand and appreciate the intricacies of your work.

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Very nice experience working with Core competency over the last five years. Understanding of the clients requirements is very good.

Mr. Krishan Kumar


The team performed remarkably well during pandemic times and assisted in the enhancing the platform for conducting the online tests remotely proctored under controlled conditions. We are satisfied by the quality of the services offered. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. Vinayak Mohla

Anglo Eastern

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