Frequently Asked Questions about Core Competency

Whether you're just getting started with Core competency or you’re curious about a new feature, this FAQ offers insights into everything from setting up and using your dashboard to explaining how Core competency’s plugin works.


General Queries

Is there a mobile app available?

Yes, we offer a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Do you offer customer support?

Absolutely! Our support team is available 24/7 via email, chat, and phone.

How do I get in touch with your customer support?

For general queries, you can reach us at EPBX: +91 124 45525 56. For specific departments:

Quality Assurance: Extension 107
Pre-Press Publishing: Extension 107
IT Tech Support: Extension 108 or direct line at +91 8527885550
IT Admin Support: Extension 109 or direct line at +91 124 45525 58
E-Learning Support: Extension 110

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Is my personal information secure with you?

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and use advanced encryption techniques to protect your information.

How often is the platform updated?

 We continually update our platform to bring you the best features, typically on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want from your account settings.

Do you offer any referral bonuses?

Yes, we have a referral program. For each friend you refer, you will receive benefits.

What languages is the platform available in?

Our platform is currently available in English and Hindi.


How long do I have access to a course once I purchase it?

All purchased courses provide lifetime access.

Can I get a refund for a course I'm not satisfied with?

Absolutely. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Are the courses self-paced?

Yes, all our courses are self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own convenience.

Do you provide certificates upon course completion?

Yes, once you complete a course, you'll receive a digital certificate of completion.

Are there any prerequisites for your courses?

Some advanced courses might have prerequisites, which are always mentioned in the course description.

Can I preview a course before buying?

Yes, you can preview the course details through a video to see what the course offers, as most courses provide a free preview video.

Do the courses include practical exercises?

Yes, many of our courses come with practical exercises to enhance hands-on learning.

Are course updates free?

Yes, once you purchase a course, all future updates are included at no extra charge.

How can I contact the course instructor?

Each course has a dedicated Q&A section where you can post questions for the instructor.

I'm facing technical difficulties accessing a course. Who should I contact?

For IT Tech Support, dial EPBX: +91 124 45525 56, Extension 108 or directly at +91 8527885550. For E-Learning Support, use Extension 110.

Do you offer group discounts for course enrollments?

Yes, we offer discounts for group enrollments. Please contact our sales team for more details. Or email us at:



SaaS Products

What solutions does Core Competency offer for enhancing engagement and management in various sectors?

Core Competency offers a diverse range of innovative solutions tailored for audience engagement, talent management, education, and professional development. These solutions include an Audience Response System, Competency Management System, Institute Management System, Learning Management System, Online Proctoring services, Virtual Classroom services, an Interview System, and Psychological Profiling tools.

How does the Audience Response System (ARS) enhance engagement?

The ARS by Core Competency showcases real-time voting results, stimulates discussions, gauges participant comprehension, and captures immediate audience feedback through its Quick Question - Short Answer feature, promoting group discussions. It allows for setting up inclusive polls to facilitate engagement and inclusivity in discussions.

Can Core Competency’s Competency Management System (CMS) integrate with other learning tools?

Yes, the CMS by Core Competency integrates with various learning tools, offering robust analytics for informed HR decisions, streamlining selection processes like Competency Assessment and Personality Profiling. It enables organizations to manage competency enhancement effectively and synchronize task-based management between different locations.

Is the Institute Management System (IMS) a complete solution for educational institutions?

Yes, the IMS is a comprehensive solution tailored to fit the needs of educational institutions. It provides a unified platform for educators, students, and staff, offering real-time online access and integrating functions from enrollment to grade management, eliminating the need for multiple software.

Is Core Competency's Learning Management System (LMS) SCORM-compliant?

Yes, Core Competency’s LMS is SCORM-compliant, ensuring interoperability between e-learning software products. It provides comprehensive training tracking, online course delivery, and fosters group discussions to enhance professional skill course delivery online.

How secure is the Online Proctoring service provided by Core Competency?

Core Competency’s Online Proctoring service ensures high security through webcam tracking during assessments, providing in-depth performance analytics, and supports customizable tests, catering to various organizational needs with a focus on precision and efficiency in the assessment process.

Can the Virtual Classroom service be accessed at any time?

Yes, Core Competency's Virtual Classroom service provides an accessible online learning platform available 24/7, utilizing the latest technologies for cost-efficient virtual training with features like VOIP audio conferencing, web conferencing, chat tools, and dynamic content delivery.

Does Core Competency offer any solutions for staff evaluation?

Yes, Core Competency provides an Interview System that streamlines staff evaluation by combining online assessments with deep physiological profiling, standardizing, and unbiased screening. It integrates attitude and personality assessments for cultural alignment and optimizes the job-person fit in the workforce.

How accurate are the Psychological Profiling tests provided by Core Competency?

Core Competency's Psychological Profiling tests, the P Test, and C Test boast a 98% accuracy rate in identifying personality traits and are developed by expert psychologists. They provide easily interpretable results for HR, eliminating the need for expert consultations.

What benefits do Core Competency’s solutions offer to organizations and institutions?

Core Competency's solutions provide a fusion of expertise, technology, and precision, offering benefits like enhanced engagement, streamlined management processes, improved learning experiences, accurate assessments, and informed decision-making in various sectors including education and professional development.


What file formats do you accept for pre-press?

We accept PDF, AI, EPS, and TIF formats, among others.

How long does the pre-press process typically take?

Depending on the project's complexity, it usually takes 3-5 business days.

Can you handle color corrections and image retouching?

Absolutely. Our team is skilled in color corrections and image editing.

What's the difference between digital and offset pre-press?

Digital is for shorter runs and quicker turnaround while offset is for longer runs and offers higher quality.

How do you ensure the colors in print match the provided files?

We use calibrated monitors and color-proofing techniques to ensure color accuracy.

Do I get a proof before the final print?

Yes, we provide both soft (digital) and hard (printed) proofs for approval.

How do you handle fonts in the provided files?

We prefer fonts to be outlined, but if not, please provide the font files.

What's the resolution requirement for images?

For optimal print quality, we recommend images be at least 300 dpi.

Can you assist with layout and design for my project?

Yes, we offer design services in addition to our pre-press services.

How do I send large files for pre-press?

We have a secure FTP server where clients can upload large files or you can use cloud sharing services like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

I have a specific font in my design, whom should I consult about its use?

A: For font and design-related queries, please reach out to our Pre-Press Publishing team at EPBX: +91 124 45525 56, Extension 107.

I'm having trouble uploading large files for pre-press, can someone assist?

Certainly, you can contact our IT Admin Support for this concern at EPBX: +91 124 45525 56, Extension 109 or directly at +91 124 45525 58. (Note: The EPBX numbers and extensions have been strategically placed for better accessibility and clarity for potential clients reaching out for specific needs.)

Video Production

What's the turnaround time for a typical video project?

Depending on the complexity, most projects take 2-4 weeks from concept to completion.

Can I provide my own script for the video?

Absolutely. We're happy to work with your script or help you develop one.

Do you offer animations and graphics as part of video production?

Yes, we offer a range of services including animations, graphics, and live-action.

Can I get revisions on the produced video?

Yes, we offer up to 3 revisions as part of our standard package.

Do you provide voiceover services?

Yes, we have a range of voiceover artists in multiple languages.

How do you handle copyrights for music and footage used?

We utilize both royalty-free and licensed paid music and footage to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Can you handle videos of any length?

Yes, from short ads to long-form documentaries, we cater to all requirements.

Is there a discount for multiple video projects?

Yes, we offer bundled discounts for multiple projects. Contact our sales team for more info. Or email us at:


What formats will the final video be available in?

We provide videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, and other formats as per your requirements.

Can you help distribute or promote the videos?

While our primary focus is on production, we have partners to help with distribution and promotion.

I'm having issues with a video format, who should I reach out to?

Please contact our IT Tech Support at EPBX: +91 124 45525 56, Extension 108 or directly at +91 8527885550.

Mobile Application

What types of Mobile Applications does Core Competency specialize in developing?

Core Competency specializes in developing custom native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, cross-platform responsive web apps, and secure backend solutions, delivering innovative and user-friendly applications.

What services does Core Competency offer in Mobile App development?

Core Competency offers comprehensive mobile app development services including strategy consulting, app design, core development for iOS and Android, business and marketing analytics solutions, and mobile learning solutions. They ensure seamless user experience, wide accessibility, data protection, and enhanced reliability in all their services.

Is Core Competency experienced in developing Mobile Learning Solutions?

Yes, Core Competency has developed award-winning mobile learning solutions that leverage faster internet and affordable smartphones, catering to just-in-time learning and demonstrating innovative concepts and design acumen.

Can Core Competency create cross-platform responsive web apps?

Absolutely, Core Competency specializes in creating cross-platform responsive web apps, ensuring seamless user experience and wide accessibility across various platforms.

How does Core Competency maintain relationships with its clients?

Core Competency fosters long-standing relationships with customers through experienced consultants, top-notch design, impeccable execution, and ensuring client satisfaction with their innovative solutions and services. The company's commitment is evidenced by awesome testimonials from clients.

What advantages does Core Competency’s geographic location provide?

Based in Gurgaon, India, Core Competency’s strategic location facilitates effective collaboration, providing a competitive advantage in scale, cost, and geography, while catering to clients worldwide.

Does Core Competency offer secure backend development for mobile applications?

Yes, Core Competency provides secure backend development services focusing on data protection and enhanced reliability to ensure the secure and smooth operation of mobile applications.

How does Core Competency ensure the quality of their mobile applications?

Core Competency ensures high-quality work by employing a strong team of skilled technology engineers, app designers, and experts, specializing in top-notch software product delivery without compromising on costs.

Can clients access a full spectrum of mobile app development services under one roof at Core Competency?

Yes, from strategy consulting and user-friendly app design to core development for iOS and Android, clients can access a full spectrum of mobile app development services under one roof at Core Competency.

What benefits can clients expect by choosing Core Competency for mobile app development?

By choosing Core Competency, clients can expect custom-tailored solutions, seamless user experiences, secure backends, comprehensive business and marketing analytics insights, and innovative mobile learning solutions. The clients will also benefit from the company’s scale, cost, geographic advantages, and strong customer relationships, ensuring satisfaction and delivery of high-quality software products.

E-Learning Development

What does your eLearning Development service provide?

Our eLearning Development service provides dynamic, tailored learning experiences through multimedia, responsive design, and analytics, transforming traditional training into impactful learning journeys.

How does Mobile-Based Learning benefit modern learners?

Our Mobile-Based Learning solutions offer flexible and accessible training adaptable to modern workstyles, allowing learners to enhance their skills anytime, anywhere without compromising quality.

What is the emphasis of Interactive Learning solutions?

Interactive Learning focuses on enhancing knowledge retention and engagement through real-time interactions, simulations, and scenarios, providing a dynamic and captivating learning experience.

How do you ensure the content resonates with global audiences in Localization services?

Our Localization services adapt content to overcome language and cultural barriers, ensuring enhanced understanding and engagement with diverse audiences, providing a consistent learning experience across different regions.

How does Animation enhance learning content?

Animation breathes life into training materials, simplifying complex concepts and making learning visually appealing and engaging with a focus on clarity, enhanced retention, and universal appeal.

What are the benefits of integrating Gamification in learning?

Gamification infuses fun and engagement into learning, with interactive challenges and rewards that enhance motivation and retention, transforming learning into an immersive experience and fostering a sense of achievement.

How does Microlearning cater to busy schedules?

Microlearning offers concise, focused training in short, impactful sessions with focused topics and easy accessibility, allowing learners to acquire new skills efficiently.

Do you offer Multimedia Solutions and Graphic Design services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive services including logo design, business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, program guides, multimedia, and flash presentations.

How is practical training pivotal for organizational success?

Practical training is crucial as it offers hands-on experience and real-world application of knowledge and skills, which is essential for enhancing organizational performance and achieving success.

Can I access eLearning on mobile devices?

Yes, our eLearning solutions are designed with responsive design, allowing accessibility on various devices including mobile, ensuring learning on the go.

Can gamification elements like points, badges, and leaderboards be incorporated?

Yes, our gamification solutions incorporate game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards to drive engagement and friendly competition among learners.

How do Interactive Learning solutions make learning dynamic?

By incorporating real-time interactions, simulations, and scenarios, interactive learning captivates learners, making the learning experience more engaging and dynamic.

How can Animation make complex concepts simpler?

Animation utilizes visually appealing narratives and illustrations to break down and represent complex concepts in a more understandable and engaging manner.

How does Microlearning deliver concise and focused training?

Microlearning provides bite-sized learning modules that offer quick bursts of information, enabling learners to grasp new skills in short, focused sessions.

How does Localization expand the reach of my content?

Localization adapts content to different languages and cultures, bridging cultural gaps and ensuring your content resonates with a diverse audience, thus expanding its reach globally.

How can I contact Core Competency for further queries or additional information on eLearning Development?

You can contact us for any queries, support, or additional information at the following email addresses:

For Support-related inquiries: support@corecompetency.net
For Marketing-related inquiries: marketing@corecompetency.net

We are here to assist you with your eLearning Development needs and ensure you have a seamless experience with our services

Custom Applications

What types of custom applications does Core Competency specialize in developing?

Core Competency specializes in developing bespoke software solutions including web and windows enterprise applications, ERPs, Microsoft technologies, E-commerce portals, and social networking platforms when off-the-shelf options are inadequate.

Can Core Competency integrate third-party applications for enterprise solutions?

Yes, Core Competency provides expertise in integrating third-party applications for enterprise solutions, enhancing your business capabilities by designing macro and micro sites to meet your specific requirements.

What kind of development expertise does Core Competency offer?

Core Competency boasts an adept team with vast experience and a rich background in industrialized global delivery (IGD), ensuring the creation of top-notch custom solutions tailored to your specifications using the latest and most effective development technologies.

How does Core Competency ensure the quality of their custom applications?

Core Competency utilizes ASSESS-SMART services and automated tools for quality assessments, focusing on cost optimization to ensure the delivery of excellent products and services that precisely meet your business needs.

Is the cost of custom application development by Core Competency predictable?

Yes, Core Competency operates within a robust and transparent framework, the MASCOT Framework, which ensures predictable cost for the custom-built software solutions, allowing you to plan your budget efficiently.

Can Core Competency develop custom solutions for learning, competency management, and HR processes?

Absolutely. Core Competency provides expertise in learning, competency management, and HR processes, ensuring seamless talent development within your organization and enhancing organizational competence and performance.

What are the different services offered under custom application development by Core Competency?

Core Competency offers comprehensive services under custom application development, including modular approach, Change-the-Business Solutions, Run-the-Business Services, and Cross-Functional IT Services to suit varied business needs.

How does Core Competency maintain continuous improvement in custom application development?

Core Competency is committed to continuous improvement through ongoing research and development, domain expertise, and a focused approach on innovation, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions.

What are the benefits of choosing Core Competency’s custom application development services?

Choosing Core Competency for custom application development ensures you receive tailor-made, top-quality solutions from an adept team with vast experience, specializing in a wide range of development technologies. The benefits also include comprehensive services, robust and transparent framework for predictable costs, continuous improvement through innovation, and solutions that precisely meet your specific business requirements.

How does Core Competency guarantee customer satisfaction with their custom applications?

Core Competency is dedicated to delivering on the promise of certainty, ensuring complete customer satisfaction by providing excellent products and services that precisely suit your business needs, specializing in creating solutions when off-the-shelf options fall short.

Other Products

What is the Competency Management System (CMS)?

The Competency Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive solution that integrates learning, assessments, virtual training, and mobile-based learning to facilitate precise HR decisions and optimize talent within an organization. It enables effective selection and post-selection skill enhancement through various components like Competency Assessment, Profiling, and Interviews.

Who can benefit from using CMS?

Any organization looking to streamline its training processes, make informed, data-driven HR decisions, and ensure that their workforce is well-equipped with the right competencies can benefit from using CMS. It is especially useful for organizations aiming to align employee skills with business objectives effectively.

Can CMS be used for both online and offline assessments?

Yes, CMS efficiently supports both online and offline screening assessments, allowing organizations to select candidates with specific skill sets based on standardized screening criteria.

How does psychological profiling in CMS aid in the selection process?

Psychological profiling in CMS assists organizations in selecting candidates with the right attitude and personality profiles, ensuring that the selected candidates are well-aligned with the organizational culture and values.

How does CMS manage competency-based interviews?

CMS offers a Competency-Based Interviews Solution that facilitates standardized, knowledge-based selection through behavior-based competency selections. It allows for in-depth, documented interviews providing extensive analysis and comparison to ensure holistic evaluations of candidates.

How does CMS support post-joining processes and long-term learning plans?

Once a candidate is selected, CMS facilitates the post-joining process by integrating a Learning Management System for long-term learning plans, a Virtual Classroom Application for Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings (ILTs), and a Competency Management System for defining and tracking competencies.

Can CMS identify and analyze skill gaps for further training and planning?

Absolutely, CMS conducts skill gain/skill gap analysis, which facilitates the development of long-term learning plans, ensuring that employees receive the necessary training based on identified skill gaps.

How does the CMS ensure standardization in selection processes?

CMS employs standardized criteria for selection processes, including Online/Offline screening assessments and Competency-Based Interviews, to maintain uniformity and fairness in selecting candidates.

Is it possible to track various types of training through CMS?

Yes, CMS can effortlessly track various types of training, including online, LAN-based, computer-based, and mobile-based training, providing seamless learning tracking regardless of where the staff is trained or tested.

Can the CMS provide ROI-focused training?

Yes, the CMS analyzes and conducts only the necessary training, providing cost benefits by reducing unnecessary resource allocation, facilitating ROI-focused training approaches.

Is user management and administration seamless in CMS?

Yes, CMS offers user management capabilities for seamless administration, ensuring corporate standardization and efficient management of users within the system.

Does the CMS have any features to facilitate remote interviews?

For any further queries or detailed information, please visit Core Competency Management System

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