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Our secure Online Proctoring System enables diverse question types, multimedia authoring, and mobile compatibility. Webcam tracking ensures integrity, while detailed reports and competency mapping aid gap analysis.

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Online Proctoring Overview

Our online and offline Examination System Software is a versatile, reliable, and secure solution that empowers organizations to conduct assessments for various purposes such as resource selection, skill gap analysis, and product knowledge evaluation. The user-friendly platform supports online and mobile-based exams, ensuring flexibility and accessibility even without an internet connection.

The Core Competency Online Proctoring offers a fully automated web-based examination software, enabling clients to design, create, customize, and validate any type of test. With features like a customizable question database, multimedia-based authoring, and competency mapping, it provides a comprehensive assessment experience.

Additionally, the system supports mobile and cross-browser compatibility, offers 16 different question types, and allows easy Excel imports to populate the question bank. The platform tracks examinations through webcams for added security and offers detailed performance reports for quick analysis.

For online proctoring, the software includes robust and accurate reporting and analysis features, ensuring an efficient and effective online proctoring process. Overall, the Core Competency Online proctoring solution provides a unique and effective online assessment experience for organizations seeking skilled resources and enhanced competencies.

Let Online proctoring empowers you -

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security and Integrity
  • Webcam tracking
  • Identity management
  • Random testing
Flexible And Convenient
Flexible and Convenient
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Offline mode
Assessment Process
Efficient Assessment Process
  • Automated Scoring
  • Instant performance reports
  • Competency mapping
User Experience
User-Friendly Experience
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multimedia-based authoring
  • Customizable question bank
Training Insights
Customization and Training Insights
  • Gap-specific learning plans
  • Customized competency building plans
  • Talent identification
Online Proctoring Features

Online proctoring is a vital component of Core Competency Assessment Solution, the versatile and secure examination system software. It ensures the integrity of assessments by employing webcam tracking and identity management. The system allows online proctoring on various devices, including mobiles, and can even be conducted offline. With fully automated web-based technology, it offers a user-friendly experience and customizable question databases. The automated scoring and instant report generation streamline the assessment process. Online proctoring enables organizations to conduct fair and reliable exams, identify skill gaps, and recruit competent resources efficiently. It enhances the overall competency of the workforce and ensures business success by aligning training with specific needs.


Scorm Based
Mobile and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ensures seamless accessibility across various devices and browsers.

Collaborative Tools
Multimedia Question Authoring

Ability to incorporate audio, image, and video within questions.

User Management
Customizable Question Bank

Tailor and modify your question bank as per your requirements.

Assets Repository
Effortless Excel Imports

Populate your question bank with easy imports from Excel sheets.

Process Management
Advanced Content Management

Features like content staging, state recognition, and identity management for organized content handling.

Record Analysis
Flexible Testing Modes

Options for random, planned, and adaptive testing to cater to different evaluation needs.

Course Assigning
Secure Examination Monitoring

Webcam tracking ensures authenticity and curtails malpractices during online exams.

Course Suggestions
Competency Mapping

Link each question and test paper to specific competencies for targeted assessment.

Discussion Forum
User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive user experience designed for all levels of users.

Learning Plan
Custom Learning Plans

Create and assign gap-specific learning plans personalized to individual needs.

Easy Integration
Instant Reporting

Quick and efficient generation of performance reports post-assessment.

Microsoft Technology
Robust Analysis Tools

Detailed and accurate analysis of assessment results for a holistic understanding.


Browser Based
Browser Based

Access the products from any web browser, without the need for any software installations or downloads.

Window Based
Window Based

Optimized for Windows OS, offering a seamless user experience and integration with native Windows functionalities.

Lan Based
LAN Based

Designed for Local Area Network deployments, ensuring fast and secure access within your organization's premises.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

Built for cross-browser support, ensuring consistent user experience whether you're on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or others.

Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Technology

Leverages the power and versatility of Microsoft technologies, offering robustness, security, and scalability to the LMS.

Sql Backend
SQL Backend

Employs SQL databases for data storage and management, ensuring rapid data retrieval, robust analytics, and reliability.

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