Press Release

Core Competency Earns Recognition as a Leading eLearning Software Provider with Certifications from ClassNK

Date: 19 February 2024

Press Release

New Delhi, India - Core Competency Training & Services Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of eLearning software and solutions, is proud to announce its achievement of two significant certifications. The company has been awarded the Certificate of eLearning Software Provider and  Online & Ship Competency & Learning Management System by the esteemed Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK). These accolades validate Core Competency's dedication to delivering superior eLearning solutions that meet the highest international standards, catering to diverse industries beyond maritime.

The certifications, bearing reference numbers 23-089 and 23-089-1, were formally presented to Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bugnait, marking a significant milestone in Core Competency's journey. This recognition from ClassNK, a globally renowned certification authority, reinforces Core Competency's position as a leader in the eLearning software landscape.

Capt. N. Saito, General Manager of the Maritime Education and Training Certification Department at ClassNK, congratulated Core Competency. He acknowledged the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration throughout the certification process. Capt. Saito emphasized the importance of effective eLearning solutions in various industries and commended Core Competency for its contribution to advancing learning and development practices.

These certifications showcase Core Competency's unwavering commitment to:

  • Quality and Rigor: Adherence to stringent quality standards ensures reliable and effective eLearning solutions.

  • Innovation and Adaptability: The company continuously evolves its platform and services to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries.

  • Continuous Improvement: Core Competency remains dedicated to enhancing its offerings and collaborating with regulatory bodies to ensure industry-leading solutions.

Core Competency remains steadfast in its mission to empower organizations with cutting-edge eLearning solutions that enable them to effectively develop and upskill their workforce. The company is committed to exceeding industry expectations and driving the eLearning revolution across various sectors.

For more information about Core Competency and its eLearning solutions, please visit Contact the company directly for inquiries and further details.

Contact Information:

About Core Competency:

Core Competency brings over 20 years of experience helping companies with talent management. We focus on delivering eLearning software, world-class content development services & ready-to-deploy courses to supercharge L&D across industries. With over 2,000 monthly corporate trainings and over 50,000 competency checks conducted annually using our technology, we are at the forefront of the technology-empowered learning and development revolution.

About Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK):

ClassNK, known as Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, is a globally recognized and respected ship classification society. The organization is committed to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea and preventing marine environmental pollution through its extensive certification and inspection services.

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