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Standardizing Training Across Global Operations

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical realm, uniformity in skill enhancement and training across different regions and cultures is crucial for product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Standardizing Training Across Global Operations

The Challenge

Multinational pharmaceutical companies grapple with the intricate task of ensuring standardized training across their extensive global operations. These companies face disparities in infrastructural capabilities, with some regions having cutting-edge training facilities, while others might be more basic. The stakes are heightened by cultural differences, language barriers, and diverse educational backgrounds, all of which can lead to inconsistencies in training outcomes. Moreover, given the rapidly evolving scientific knowledge base and strict regulatory environments, it becomes imperative for these companies to ensure that every employee is consistently updated and aligned with the company's safety and operational standards.


The Solution

Understanding the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, CCTS launched a tailored Learning Management System (LMS) for a top-tier global pharmaceutical organization. This LMS ensures the delivery of standardized training modules while taking into account regional nuances. Its impact is pronounced, with over 10,000 LMS course attempts taking place monthly. Furthermore, the efficient training approach has led to operational savings, with a projected 1500 man-hours saved, translating to roughly 62.5 days/month. With CCTS's LMS, pharmaceutical giants can ensure that their global workforce is uniformly trained, upholding the highest standards of safety and product quality.

The team performed remarkably well during pandemic times and assisted in the enhancing the platform for conducting the online tests remotely proctored under controlled conditions. We are satisfied by the quality of the services offered. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. Vinayak Mohla

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