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Bridging Competency Gaps in Real-time

In the manufacturing industry, where precision, skill, and hands-on competencies determine output quality, ensuring that a large workforce meets the required standards is paramount.

Bridging Competency Gaps in Real-time

The Challenge

For large organizations operating in the manufacturing sector, effectively tracking the practical competencies of staff on the production floor is a formidable challenge. As employees carry out their tasks, having a real-time view of skill levels and identifying skill gaps becomes crucial. Without this insight, these enterprises run the risk of decreased productivity, compromised product quality, and missed opportunities for staff development.


The Solution

CCTS recognized the unique demands of these manufacturing giants and engineered a solution tailored to their needs. We meticulously crafted competencies for different roles and cadres, integrating a system that grades employees on practical skills, work behaviors, and core competencies in real-time. The success of this initiative is evident: 25,000 user competencies are currently being assessed and analyzed in real-time, with these numbers on the rise. Through our innovative approach, manufacturing companies can now ensure that their workforce operates at peak efficiency, bridging competency gaps swiftly and decisively.

Very nice experience working with Core competency over the last five years. Understanding of the clients requirements is very good.

Mr. Krishan Kumar

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