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Digital Transformation of Global Training Initiatives

In the insurance sector, where policy, regulatory environments, and client strategies are constantly evolving, efficient and effective training is crucial to ensure that global staff remain informed and aligned with the company's vision.

Digital Transformation of Global Training Initiatives

The Challenge

Hosting international seminars for global staff in the insurance industry is not only time-consuming but also incurs high expenses, particularly when you factor in international travel, venue accommodations, and other logistical aspects. Given the dynamic nature of the insurance landscape, frequent training sessions are essential, making the traditional seminar-based approach both economically and logistically challenging.


The Solution

Identifying the increasing costs and inefficiencies of seminar-based training, CCTS embarked on the journey of digitalizing these sessions. A comprehensive 5-day seminar, which was previously facilitated internationally, was adeptly transformed into a digital e-learning program. The e-modules were structured to emulate the efficacy of face-to-face training, ensuring that every participant, no matter their geographic location, receives the same quality of instruction and engagement. The triumph of this initiative shines through, with over 5,000 global insurance staff being trained via these digital modules annually. Through this forward-thinking transition, the insurance industry is now equipped to deliver consistent, top-tier training minus the hefty price tag associated with conventional seminars.

Overall CCTS runs a very effective operation centered around customer service. Extremely supportive and willing to deliver as per agreed timelines.

Mr. Sartaj Gill

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