Virtual Classroom

Rohit Kumar

31 Jan, 2022

Virtual Vlassroom

A virtual classroom programme is an e-learning platform that uses a web-based real-time video call setup to allow users to learn, interact, discuss, visualise, and ponder on imparted material. It’s essentially an online replica of any regular controlled classroom environment in which students are connected via the internet. A webinar is analogous to a live internet lecture that may or may not feature audience participation, while virtual classrooms are optimised to accommodate the necessity in both circumstances. The most major difference is the way pupils engage with one another. While webinars can't replace in-person training, they can provide a rich asynchronous eLearning experience for individuals who can't attend in person. Humankind gains when adversity erupts on the horizon.

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is a video conferencing platform that allows teachers and students to interact with one another and the learning content. Virtual classrooms differ from traditional video conferencing solutions in that they include additional capabilities that are critical in a learning environment. This is a system that allows students and teachers to connect, share and collaborate over the internet, Cloud-based virtual classrooms are common nowadays.

Who uses virtual classrooms?

One of the most appealing aspects of virtual classrooms is that they are available to anyone with a good internet connection and a personal computer. These interactive classrooms can give valuable educational opportunities for all age groups.

Problems faced while using virtual classrooms?

Students are lacking in motivation. Infrastructure issues. Technical Issues and Digital Literacy There is a lack of face-to-face interaction. For students with special needs, there is a lack of EdTech and online learning options. Users struggle with live classes, appropriate icon usage, communication-related apps and websites, and browsing study materials, among other things. They may be unfamiliar with technology skills such as logging in, attending live classes, generating and submitting work, and connecting with teachers and peers. 'Attention' is one of the most significant issues that teachers confront nowadays when teaching online. When taking online lessons, children have the freedom to silence their microphones (and talk to anyone they choose), and some youngsters are prone to getting up and wandering away from their class.

Why are virtual classrooms quintessential in today’s date?

Virtual classrooms make learning online feel less robotic by providing a comfortable learning environment. Human connection is vital to an educational system's success; virtual classrooms ensure that students can engage and talk with peers and teachers without sacrificing their privacy. A wide range of programmes and courses are available, Total costs are lower, A more pleasant learning environment, Flexibility and convenience, more interaction and increased concentration, Advancement in your career, continue working in your field etc. are some of the benefits.

What are some additional advantages of virtual classrooms?

- Time management that works

Working adults and students who need to reconcile employment and family life with the new obligations of going to school may find an online education to be a welcome alternative. Not having to go back and forth to classes on a campus saves you hours every week right away—and that's just the beginning. Returning to school improves your time management abilities by requiring you to be diligent and find time to study.

- Structure and freedom in one package

Whether it's taking an online test, submitting homework, papers, and projects, viewing a faculty lecture, or participating in a conversation with fellow classmates, virtual classrooms facilitates all this with ease without having to physically do so.

- Improved digital abilities

You'll be sharpening your digital abilities on the most advanced online learning technologies while boosting your knowledge and skills in your field of study. You'll become more competent and productive using interactive online resources like online quizzes, drop boxes for assignments, collaboration tools, e-mail exchanges with professors and fellow classmates, and faculty video presentations as you continue to learn and study in an online world.

- A broader perspective on the world

Working on group assignments and collaborating with overseas peers may be an option. Insights into various business cultures, attitudes, and problem-solving methods help to better understand one’s own difficulties and prospects.

- On-the-spot feedback on testing

You'll be able to easily discover where you excelled and where you need to improve. You'll use a private "dropbox" to submit papers and projects, which your teacher will access confidentially and provide written or video comments on.

What does core competency provide differently?

Core Competency provides a versatile virtual classroom as a SaaS or deploy a customised application and brand and white label it as your own.

Our Virtual classroom (VCR) application combines varied features such as White Board, AV Chat, file sharing, session recording assignment uploads, break away rooms etc. Our VCR is not bandwidth heavy and can easily accommodate up to 200 participates having normal internet connections. It has a easy handshake with our assessment engine, learning & competency management system, giving a 360 degree blended learning and assessment environment.

Nutshell, get going and get your Core Competency virtual classroom application today. Core Competency is your trusted partner to make learning and learning development a unique, positive result driven experience.

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