The Skill Gap Analysis

Rohit Kumar

26 Sep, 2023

The Skill Gap Analysis

Human Resources is indeed a crucial aspect to the growth and expansion of any organisation. Skilled workforce has the ability to take the organisation to new horizons of success. However, sometimes the organisation, due to a plethora of reasons, is not able to deliver to the best of its capabilities. In short, this means that the performance of an organisation is not able to meet its potential or complete the targets on the deadline. One of the reasons for the same could be a Skill Gap among the employees. Skill Gap, in different organisations, may appear in different forms, depending on the sector the organisation is catering to.

Benefits/Importance of Skill Gap Analysis

Through the use of Skill Gap Analysis, organisations assess the actual Gap or Difference between the current productivity and the potential based on set future goals. This analysis helps an organisation understand and identify the skills that an employee needs in order to carry out a certain set of tasks; however, he/she does not have that skill. Additionally, through Skill Gap Analysis, the organisation gets an insight into their entire workforce which eventually assists them to identify which employees have the most knowledge of particular aspects alongside giving the idea about employees that have skill gaps. Post identifying the skill gap, organisations will be able to work on their strategy and provide better training resources to those employees that lack those skills. This will lead to efficient use of resources in terms of overall performance of the team.

One of the major benefits of Skill Gap Analysis is that it helps organisations to hire talented and skilled individuals post identifying those candidates whose skills better match those needed to function effectively in a particular role.

Competency Management and Skill gaps analysis brings more ROIs to the organisation by taking the analysed approach towards the required and effective training of their workforce.

How do conduct a Skill Gap Analysis

For an organisation, looking forward to conducting a Skill Gap Analysis, they must know that this is a three-step process that includes determining the desired skills, assessing an individual employee’s skills and identifying gaps. There are many tech-driven tools and advanced customised software used by organisations to conduct Skill Based Analysis.

Core Competency, one of the leading IT Solutions and Services providers that create and deliver adaptable solutions and services worldwide, has developed secure online and offline Competency Management System software that assists organisations to exceed in their business expectations by recruiting skilled resources, gauge skill gaps and enhance all the desired behaviour , practical and knowledge competencies required for a particular role. The user-friendly online Competency Management Solution allows organisations conduct assessments for multiple purposes: Selection of right resources, Skill gain/gap analysis, Product knowledge assessment, Promotion examinations etc. The assessment can be conducted online, on mobiles as well as without depending on the internet. Additionally, the assessment system by Core Competency provides excellent features of Customizable Question database for exam questions, easy interface for updating by recruiters.

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