Core Competency Management: A guide to successful microlearning

Amit Sharma

29 Nov, 2022

A Guide To Successful Microlearning

Microlearning is all about getting proper e-learning in small tutorials of training equipment that can be comprehended quickly. It also contains efficient individual sessions involving simple or narrow topics. Microlearning is never confined to mobile devices (or conversely that mobile devices can’t serve as platforms for macro-learning, just as this industry has become more managed, mingled, and debated about. Want to learn what it is all the fuss about? Microlearning isn’t about modality but about serving short bites of knowledge to the learner over a period of time. It affects organizational growth, promotes self-content, and tally’s the deliverables.

The uses of microlearning state - performance-based microlearning, persuasive-based microlearning, post-instruction microlearning, and preparation-based microlearning.

Benefits of Microlearning

Micro eLearning is not just a method to get past the hard part. It is not just about the internet aging and a methodological way of learning but according to sources, it is a credible way of learning. Microlearning is a great way to grasp modern techniques and an even more powerful way to tap into vast content repositories, multimedia elements, and strategies are some effective ways to learn. Microlearning is the best option for the digitalised world now that everyone is handy with a mobile phone and has unlimited access to connectivity and internet.

Microlearning in forms

1. Videos

Short videos are the most requested learning design. Simply, this is the way modern learners prefer to consume content. It is an effective way to be right on purpose and rich in content.

2. Infographics

It is a great way to communicate with rich information. It uses engaging and visually striking images to highlight key characteristics in topics so that learners can quickly get it.

3. Mini-Modules

A mini module is an e-learning method in which learners can grab any topic within 5 minutes of time. The user can select a specific topic of interest and get an opportunity to practise a specific skill.

4. Try-Its

These modules are typically scenario-based content that need users to choose from options and show how to respond. Learners receive immediate feedback so that they know the response at the moment.

5. Self-Paced Activities

For a variety of learners and enhancing experience, one might convert sessions or groups or convert activity into a self-paced activity.

6. Digital Job Aids

This is a graphical representation of resolutions that may be developed in a static image or animation-related.

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Assessment of Behavioural Core Competencies

For example, students struggling with a particular concept could be provided with additional resources or assigned to a different module via the e-learning and learning management system.

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