360 Degree Competency Management System

SK Bugnait

28 Mar, 2022

360 Degree Ccm

Only the efficacy of your training can be measured using the best 360-degree competency-based evaluations. Only the most professional CMS can report on the outcomes. Nothing can be improved if no one is looking at the data. As a result, we have a CMS that takes care of everything seamlessly integrated in one comprehensive software. We do training, assessment, virtual training, competency evaluations, hiring, ILTs, online learning through different software’s mostly.

360 degree CMS captures not only knowledge but also practical as well as behavioural skill levels of each individual within the organisation.

360-degree Competency Management systems amalgamates it all – no knowledge no skill information is lost and remains archived. This competency skill level information can be analysed for any user, anytime from induction to complete tenor in the organisation, for taking any decisions. 360 Degree CMS also assists in taking analysed decisions on training requirements, at individual level, group level, department level as well as organisational level.

All this is achieved in a 360 Degree Competency Management System by seamlessly integrating following Modules:

Integrated LMS

In layman's terms, LMS integration refers to your learning management system's compatibility with the business tools you already use. It allows you to transfer data between systems, automate activities, and obtain integrated reporting. Core Competency Learning delivers learning solutions to the spheres of higher education, professional, library reference, and school markets. We produce and publish products at Core Competency Learning to address the ever-changing demands of our educational, professional, trade, and library audiences. Learning engagement is boosted by a shorter learning curve and greater accessibility. As a result, employees perform better on the job. An LMS integration can add new staff to your learning platform automatically, ensuring that they receive the essential training. As more firms adopt digital learning for Learning & Development, it's important to consider how integrations can make the process easier for not only your learners, but also your Learning and development administrators and other learning leaders.

Incorporated assessment system

The primary goal of assessment systems, both classroom and large-scale assessment, is to improve student learning. Assessment systems provide essential information about whether students have met important learning objectives and how each student is progressing. Core Competency is an online assessment programme that allows colleges and institutions to quickly and easily administer competitive exams. The programme can be used to register students as well as to create exam papers. To stay up with quickly changing technology and trends, businesses are continuously striving to evolve and train staff in new technologies and information. It has become critical for businesses to leverage technology to streamline staff training and assessment. Organisations are increasingly using digital assessment to evaluate personnel and knowledge management to share knowledge throughout the organisation.

Skill gap detection

When your present workforce's skill set doesn't match the abilities they require to execute their jobs, you have a skills gap. Many businesses believe that their primary skill deficit is in hard technology. Employees, on the other hand, may be lacking in soft skills that are required to perform well in their employment. The process of skill gap analysis is used to identify skill gaps. Aids in the development and definition of an individual's talents that the firm requires. Emphasises the importance of employees honing their vital talents. It aids in the recruitment process by identifying the talents or interests that current employees lack. Surveys and evaluations Employee interviews, etc. Performance evaluations provide feedback. A skills gap analysis can be made significantly faster with the use of CMS incorporated with skills management software.

Knowledge evaluation

The process of gathering information and drawing judgments about the character and breadth of a learner's progress toward professional standards is known as competency-based assessment. Competence is defined as the ability to organise factual knowledge proficiently within a framework that includes communication skills, clinical reasoning, professional ethics, social involvement, interpersonal conduct, and cross-cultural understanding. Feedback, competency sampling, observation, 360-degree feedback, presentations, and papers are all examples of competency-based evaluation tools and activities. Regardless of the method or instrument used, four key aspects must be included. Validity, dependability, fairness, and flexibility are the four criteria.

Mobile assessment & Advanced analytics availability

Mobile-Based Assessment is a type of assessment that is conducted using personal electronic mobile devices such as PDAs, smartphones, and tablets.

Our online testing products and services include the Assessment Report package, which ensures that the results for your individual test takers and your entire group of test takers are calculated correctly on all of the scales in the testing instruments you choose to assign. Mean, median, and standard deviation are common descriptive statistical summaries. Many more advanced analyses and presentation options are available with our Customised Assessment Reports option. Using this encrypted, secure link. The flexible online structure, which is accessible from nearly any device, allows employees to work at their own pace, keeping track of their time and progress. The web and app-based interface gives you, the client, the electronic tools you need to assign tests to specific test takers, manage logins, track testing progress, and view and download individual and group test results as they become available. You, as the client, have the option of deciding whether or not your test takers receive their individual findings. Clients can insert demographic questions or acquire other necessary information about their test takers more easily using online testing. The online test is scored and the results are sent to you through email. Controlled testing environments and more open "anytime, anywhere" testing are frequently connected with online instruction, continuing education, workplace and professional purposes. Tests can be taken independently or in a computer lab with a test monitor using our superior encryption, security and access code technology. The online interface for test takers is simple to use, secure, and adaptable. Tests can be scheduled to be taken at any time that is convenient for the client. Each test is assessed once the test taker has submitted all of his or her replies to the test items. Our assessment system allows you to take assessments on most mobile devices as well as desktop computers and laptops. There is an option for secure browser-based online testing.

ILT assessment tracking

Many assessments are conducted during Instructor Lead sessions, however these are generally done in an offline mode or paper based. Our competency management system, audience response client, seamlessly integrates the ILT assessment with the online assessment server. No information thus is lost when analysing skill gaps or gains.

Behavioural testing, practical skill evaluations & Documented interviews
No matter the candidate or how the student is assessed, whether personality profiling, interviews and superior/ manager's practical evaluation , all the information is captured within the 360-degree competency management system.

From induction to candidates’ tenor in an institute or an organisation is tracked for taking analysed decisions.

Process Automations

Time is a crucial factor for anyone. A competency management system should work on automated templates which assign the Competency Matrix, training and assessment plans automatically when someone becomes part of it.

Core Competency’s 360 Degree Competency Management facilitates all the above and many other robust and flexible features. The core engines can easily be customised and adapted to any organisation's processes and reports.

Assessment of Behavioural Core Competencies

For example, students struggling with a particular concept could be provided with additional resources or assigned to a different module via the e-learning and learning management system.

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