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Short web marketing videos designed to explain your company's product or service or imparting any micro learning training, are known as Video Based Trainings. Video Based Trainings are frequently used on landing pages, the main page of a website, or a prominent product page. The concept is to have a short film that seeks to clearly and engagingly explain how something works. They're usually utilised as marketing videos to demonstrate a product's or service's benefits and increase sales or sign-ups. And sometime even effectively and interestingly convey learning bytes. An educational explainer film encourages staff, children and even adults to use their imaginations and encourages them to be more creative.

Video Based Trainings are a terrific method to quickly introduce a subject or concept. This could be a brief description of your product, service, or business. In either case, it's a simple method for those who are unfamiliar with your brand to learn more about it. It boosts your conversion rates significantly, and the video, of course, clarifies your product's message. As a result, Video Based Trainings increase sales, and individuals are more inclined to purchase a product after watching an Video Based Training. Explainer films take the guesswork out of describing a product's or service's utility and basic function. An explainer film helps you engage with potential customers by demonstrating what your company can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing businesses.

Video Based Training concept is effective way of imparting quick knowledge snippets as well. Do try the marketing branding approach to get the knowledge in!!

Video Based Training are more likely to boost your conversion rates by significant upward slopes than any other trick in the book would. The video, as a matter of fact, clarifies your product's imparted information. As a result, Video Based Training increase sales, and individuals are more inclined to purchase a product after watching an Video Based Training. An Video Based Training is, simply put, a short-form video that presents a company's product, service, or business idea in a captivating and efficient manner. It is self-explanatory that Video Based Training are typically used for marketing or sales purposes. They are typically found on landing pages or on the homepage of a company's website. Because they blend auditory and visual input to teach a concept in a straightforward and understandable manner, Video Based Training are extremely effective in terms of marketing tactics. They use both text and audio instead of just one which considerably enhances the message retention in the customers. People who watch a web video are so much more inclined to buy anything than those who do not watch any Video Based Training.

Also do explore utilizing explain videos for learning

Core Competency helps you make short, crisp and abundantly effective Video Based Training that get you conversion rates like none other. The Core competency approach to explainers also gets the information across for skill gains in a quick, crip and a sharp manner. Scripting of the video and the production process are carried out fully transparently for the users to be satisfied.

Core Competency We will give you an end to end solution from concept to scripts to a unique video experience and delivers content that stands out.

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