Competency Management System


Different types of questions for quick authoring via excel templates Core Competency Training & Services has over 10 years of experience in training domain. We were the first in the industry to launch SCORM LMS and online examination and competency management solutions.


Testing and recruiting has never been easier; this portal provides you with an easy facility to create 15 different types of multimedia questions, test papers, interviews and function sets. These can be published and tracked online for training and recruitment purposes. Portal also provides web cam monitoring for conducting virtual, face to face interviews and for remotely monitoring examination session. Task based Competency Management between ship and shore facilitated through intelligent synchronization through low cost e-mail solution Keeping abreast of modern technology and sensing the need of effective training. We launched yet another online engine for training internal staff and for recruiting and selecting the right potential for its clients.


A unique application to track, monitor, and provide competency based trainings and analytic decisions. The application lets you define the competencies for all cadres within an organization and automatically assign associated trainings and training plans. Seamlessly competency skill gain / gaps assessments can be made part of the learning path for a long tenor for all designations within the organizations.


Core Competency Management System (CCMS) seamlessly tracks ILTs, Peer to Peer and Leaders appraisals. Not just this, CCMS also tracks the performance of an individual in Instructor Lead trainings.

Irrespective of where the staff is trained or tested the CCMS would track the records, provide and assist in taking analytical decisions for future training requirements and to identify the skill gaps.


Our Competency Management System seamlessly amalgamates the Learning, Assessments, ILTs, Virtual Class Training, Mobile based training and collates highly accurate analytics to take HR and Training related decisions.


The entire process of selection is catered via the Competency Assessment, Personality Profiling, Competency Based Interviews. And post selection competency enhancement cycles can be managed through the Core Competency Management System.


Pre Joining Process and ROIs


Our software and solutions help in conducting:


Online / Offline Screening Assessments

  • Selection screening that helps in finding the specific skill sets required.
  • Standardized Screening Criteria


Psychological Profiling

  • Selecting the right attitude & Personality Profiles


Competency based interviews Solution

  • Standardized interviews
  • Knowledge based selection
  • Behavior based competency selections
  • Documented interviews
  • Extensive Analysis and comparison



  • Saves time
  • Saves resources
  • Saves Cost
  • Selects the correct potential


Post Joining process and ROIs:


Learning Management System: Helps create manage and track Long term learning plans for all positions


Virtual Class Room Application: For Virtual ILTs


Competency Management System: Lets HR define competencies required for each Position in the organization. Subsequently track and train against these competencies.


Systems are complete package for HR departments to plan and assess:



Manage Knowledge and Behavior competencies

Conduct Skill gain / Skill Gap Analysis to plan further actions.



  • Analyzed and skill gap based training approach
  • Cost benefits of conducting only THE REQUIRED



  • Facilitates Long Term Learning Plans
  • Once configured no manual intervention
  • Online, LAN Based, Computer Based, Mobile Based trainings all seamlessly tracked
  • Skill Gap based recommended training
  • Certificate driven training
  • Tracking of all ILT/ Class based and 3rd party trainings
  • Automatic notification to HR on completion
  • -Analyzed HR and Training decisions
  • Systematic Standardized Approach to Pre Joining Selections and Post joining Competency Management
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Competency Mapping


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Competency Building


Collaborative Tools


Comprehensive Training


Skill Analysis


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