Audience Response System


Core Competency also provides service in powerful audience response voting systems, designed to work seamlessly with your projects.

Our ARS will keep your delegates interested and engaged, each individual is able to use their wireless voting keypad to share their view. Voting results are then instantly displayed on screen, providing instant feedback or to provoke discussion.

Core Competency empowers you to engage and assess your team as learning happens. Through the use of real-time questioning, result aggregation, and visualization, you have instant insight into levels of understanding so you can use class time to better collaborate and grow as a community of learners.

One of our favorite features is Quick Question – Short Answer. With a few quick clicks, you can use short answer to ask a question, then gather, visualize and discuss whole class’s open responses. You could even have students/ employees vote on the responses!

Like you, we think it’s important to visualize people understanding. That’s why we’ve developed an easy-to-use tool for building assessments and seeing results in real-time. It’s everything you need to improve instruction and help student learning.

Some of our many features are:
  • Simple, quick & easy - You're busy enough! No Hardware or Software to ship or install. Start up and get running in seconds.
  • No apps to download - Responsive Design HTML5 clients - Works great on any size browser.
  • Live audience polling - You control the flow of live audience polls, or enable self-paced polls.
  • Increase R.O.I - Optionally capture attendees email addresses at the conclusion of polls.
  • Multiple question types - Multiple Choice (Single or Multi), Yes/No, True/False, Rate on a scale, free text answers.
  • Audience engagement - Your polls display right on your audience's devices.
  • Graphics in questions - Include visuals inside questions for your audience to react to and provide feedback.
  • Rule the room - Colorful graphs of audience poll results display instantly.
  • Follow your audience - Optionally share poll results reports with your audience via email.
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