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Flexible, reliable and secure online and offline examination system software, helps you to exceed in your business expectations by recruiting skilled resources, gauge skill gaps and enhance competencies.

A user friendly and a unique online assessment solution. Let’s an organization conduct assessments for multiple purposes: Selection of right resources, Skill gain/gap analysis, Product knowledge assessment, Promotion examinations etc.

The assessment can be conducted online, on mobiles as well as well as without depending on internet.

Core Competency’s online assessment engine is fully automated web based examination software which allows clients to assess capacity and helps in doing training needs analysis, this ensures that training is conducted in areas where it is most needed. Organizations can design, create, customize and validate any kind of test.

Our online and offline Examination System Software are flexible, reliable and secure, which helps you to exceed in your business expectations by recruiting skilled resources.

Core Competency Assessment Solution, our examination system, provides you excellent features of Customizable Question database for exam questions, easy interface for updating by recruiters. Report generation, Automated Scoring, Online Test, and Interview. Our Online examinations are delivered through any browser, and no additional software is required. It is also available on mobile applications.

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • 16 Different Types of Question authoring
  • Audio, Image, Video Multimedia based authoring of questions
  • Customizable Question Bank
  • Easy Browser Based Authoring
  • Easy Excel imports to populate question bank
  • Content stage, state and identity management
  • Random, planned and adaptive testing
  • Fully tracked examinations through web cams
  • Competency Mapping for each question and test paper
  • Facility to associate test papers with learning
  • User friendly and intuitive user experience
  • Facility to create test papers as well as function sets
  • Create personalized gap-specific learning plans
  • Instant performance report generation
  • Setup customized competency building plans that you can assign based on the job descriptions, job titles, locations, or departments
  • Robust and accurate report and analysis
Advantages of the Online Assessment System:
  • Screening tests for hiring the right resources
  • Competency enhancement
  • Product and company familiarizations
  • Competency based testing and analysis
  • Identifying training needs
  • Identifying individual’s performance improvements requirements
  • Identifying talent for higher responsibilities
Create personalized gap-specific learning plans
  • Select appropriate activities to address individuals’ performance improvements requirements
  • Create multiple assessments
  • Setup customized training plans that you can assign based on the job descriptions, job titles, locations, or departments
  • Instant performance report generation.
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