Customized E-learning


Custom eLearning development skill service ensure keeping in check the knowledge and decision-making skill of the employees. Technological application enabling individuals the boon to learn anywhere anytime is the gift of eLearning mankind has to offer. Customisation in the application of this very domain of learning is termed as custom eLearning development. There are various aspects such as adult learning concepts, learning styles, and instructional design principles that are all taken into account while creating eLearning programmes. Custom eLearning solutions are meant to engage the learners with diversified information, visuals, colours, and layouts that are specific to quoted business, job positions, and training objectives, and to establish a comprehensive experience that is specific to consumers of the brand/institution in question.


Online asynchronous learning environment make it possible to access, download documents, send message to mentors and spend more time to develop a skill at any time. Asynchronous learning permits you to simply learn at the time and pace you are comfortable with. In the set duration of time that you personalise for self, the resources spanning from lectures, assignments, videos to other components, all can be accessed at ease in this learning span that you decide, it may range from a week to several weeks.


Explainer videos make it easier for learners to connect & interact with the course content in a good way. It provides online expert learners. Explainer videos are more likely to boost your conversion rates by significant upward slopes than any other trick in the book would. The video, as a matter of fact, clarifies your product's imparted information. As a result, explainer videos increase sales, and individuals are more inclined to purchase a product after watching an explainer video. An explainer video is, simply put, a short-form video that presents a company's product, service, or business idea in a captivating and efficient manner. It is self-explanatory that explainer videos are typically used for marketing or sales purposes.


Are you confused to decide what directions to take for your e-learning projects? At Core Competency we are here to help


We work as your e-learning partner to design courses that meet your company’s unique needs. Whether you want to create a CBT, WBT, Mobile based training, Video based training or gamification we have a range of solutions for you. Come and meet us for consultation. Together we decide the best route for you by taking all your needs in consideration. We have a range of easy to use tools for you. No programming skills are required to deploy your courses by using our learning management system. We will discuss your needs and objectives so that we can fulfill your requirement. Then our team of instructional designers, graphic designers and developers will create a package which will bespeak to your needs and objectives. We will provide bespoke e-learning courses, mobile apps, games, learning networks. We will also support you in all kind of your e-learning journey.


Core Competency takes pride in offering customized e-learning solutions on different domains and platforms. We work with you as your e-learning partner to design courses that meet your company’s unique needs while addressing your organizational constraints.


Our services cover the full array of e-learning services ranging from content to technology.


Our custom e-learning services are a one-stop solution for all your e-learning needs. With the wealth of our experience across organizations & different industries with varying needs, we offer our customers world class products and services in e-learning development.


Our internal team consists of researchers, subject matter experts/consultants for almost all industries, experienced post graduates in instructional designing / distance learning and a very strong team of visualizers, designers, multimedia and programming experts.


We also have in-house video production capabilities and an in-house video recording studio. All together providing a unique combination for developing e-learning elements in 2D, 3D and even video.


Our training expertise includes providing Instructor Lead Trainings to varied corporates. With a pool of Pan India Instructors for any corporate level, including for senior management trainings, are part of our Training offerings.


We offer custom e-learning / Training development for:

  • Quick authoring via all rapid development tools
  • Web – SCORM compatible content
  • Computer Based - Offline Modules
  • Video based Trainings
  • Mobile based Learning and training
  • Responsive and Adaptive HTML5 based mobile trainings
  • Gamification
  • Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Kinetics based learning experience.
  • Instructor Lead Trainings


Be it any topic, any industry any complexity, we assure our customer of innovative approach and effective learning.


With over 15 years of experience we provide-learning development, training solutions & Instructor Lead Trainings to following Sectors/segments/ industries (A non-comprehensive list):

  • FMCG
  • Higher and K 12 Education
  • Electronics
  • Insurance
  • High Risk Industry: Aviation, Shipping Automobile, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Heavy Industries
  • Health & Occupational safety
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Publishing
      »  Products & Processes
      »  Technology
      »  Compliance & Legal
      »  Soft Skills
      »  Application Training
      »  Induction Programs


Competency Building Training IT Solutions

We are content developers as well as providers of Learning, competency management IT solutions. Our IPRs include:

  • SCORM Compatible Learning Management System
  • Competency based Assessment Engines: Adaptive, random and standardized testing/assessments
  • Personality Profiling Software
  • Competency interviewing system
  • Virtual Class Room
  • Audience Response System
  • Competency Management Systems


Our HR, Training and competency management solutions are utilized by global corporate, NYSE registered companies for global / enterprise level selection, training and competency enhancements.


Come experience us and give us an opportunity to provide you with innovative and quality driven products and service. You can rely on us for all your training needs.


Through integration of diverse elements like multimedia, graphics, 2D & 3D animations and audio-video features, we are in position to offer you a spectrum of custom solutions.


We have done courses on many diverse topics, these include:

  • Products & Processes
  • Technology
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Soft Skills
  • Application Training
  • Induction Programs


You can rely on us for all your training needs.

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