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Pre Production


We plan the whole project thoroughly keeping in mind the budget, available resources, and the timeframe.


Pre-production is the planning stage of your shoot, and occurs before the camera starts rolling.


Core Competency Video Film Production analyzes your requirements in detail and determines the best approach to fulfill them.


Our producers spend enough quality time to understand what our clients exactly try to communicate and what their intended message is. Because, we believe that if we don't understand your message, no one will.


Our innate and experienced script writers write creatively making the script conversational ensuring that everybody involved in the entire project – the crew, the presenter/narrator, and the audience-understands your intent.


Our professional and experienced models take every small and big project with equal sincerity. They put their best effort for rehearsing their lines well, 2-3 times before presenting themselves before the camera.


Our cast and crew work with close coordination and co-operation to present you the best and unique video which would be fulfilling your unique and special requirements.


Our perfectionist Sound Engineers, Videographers, and Light Engineers do not take even minute things for granted. Using the state-of-the-art studio, latest high-end instrument and utilizing their hands on expertise, our talents are well capable of capturing the fine details of the scene delivering the best audio and video production.


Our video production team has a unique eye both behind the camera as well as in the editing room, and it shows in all our video products.


Our high-end digital editing equipment makes our editing job - changes, additions, deletions and a host of special effects- easier and to bring in interest and excitement to your video.


Our skilled and certified graphic designers create innovative graphics, specific just for your video product. Graphics and other elements together give your video a polished and professional look.


Some of the many individual services offered in pre-production include:


We're excited to announce that we also have our own Chroma studio, available for use in our/your productions or for rent independently.

What our customers are saying..

  • Fully satisfied with the services provided.

    Secretary General, GlobalMET

  • Overall services are very satisfactory for a global organization run mainly from New Zealand and Singapore.

    Secretary General, GlobalMET

  • Performance is very satisfactory.

    Secretary General, GlobalMET

  • Never any problem with timely delivery. Very happy with innovative ideas and creativity from Core Competency who once again delivered a good product.

    Training Director, Teekay

  • Core Competency’s commitment to producing a great product was never questionable. Good products were signed off on time.

    Manager Global Training, Teekay

  • This was a learning curve for me so many of initial ideas changed, grew combined and developed as more understanding of functionality and opportunity was explored. Teekay Learning Zone has been an outstanding success. The support and effort from the Core Competency has been amazing, innovative and creative, always provided with wonderful customer service a tremendous can- do attitude.

    Manager Global Training, Teekay

  • Core Competency provided a great product and was very open to any comment or request for change. Their patience with all our changes was amazing.

    Director Global Training, Teekay

  • Core Competency provided a great product and was very open to any comment or request for change.

    Training Director, Teekay

  • Core Competency has worked with us since 2005 and together we have worked at preparing a robust work methodology system that best suits the needs of our business. Project Management and task monitoring is also conducted to a high standard and we know we have a partner who values the importance of his work in the care and attention that they show as much as we do.

    Executive Assistant, WPGL

  • The level of reporting is excellent and all queries are dealt with quickly and professionally. The variety of work has been broad this year. It's a real pleasure to work with the Core Competency team.

    Director, WPGL

  • The overall service is excellent; very efficient and with a high customer focus.

    Managing Director, WPGL

  • Core competency is a good company to work with and strives hard to achieve its mission.

    Marketing Director, Amway